Academic Curriculum

At FCA we are very excited to be using the tried and Bibically true A Beka curriculum.  It is used at all grade levels for all of our core subjects.  It is well observed that the students have a great knowledge retention, as shown in our test scores.  Cursive is taught from the very start and the learning benefits to this process are wonderful to observe.  Our Bible curriculum focuses on in-depth teaching of the whole Bible throughout their time at our school.  
We believe that knowledge can't simply be learned in books and that children need an opportunity to try things new to them.  Specials are a wonderful opportunity to enhance their learning.
 FCA is proud to offer the following specials:
  • Weekly Chapel 
  • Physical Education
  • Choir, Recorders, Band
  • Art
  • Spanish (K-2nd Grade)
  • Latin (3rd-6th Grade)
  • Library
  • Computers
  • optional sports teams
Scope and Sequence
Our staff have compiled a brief overview of the topics that are covered at each grade level.  
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade