Office Staff

Jessi Robson – Principal

Jessi earned both her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Master’s in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.  She has been working in Christian education from childhood and even taught at the same school she attended as a child.  She has been a Christian camp counselor and activities director, ran an inner-city missions program in Nashville, and worked as a Summer Program Director.  She has been at FCA since 2006 and is passionate about Christian Education.  Transitioning to leadership in 2021 has been a wonderful challenge that is made all the easier because of the hard work done by the previous leadership and the talented staff around her.

Matt Lewis – Assistant Principal

Matt received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona and Master of Divinity in Leadership from Liberty University.  He has taught at Christian schools, charter schools, and in the public schools.  He is particularly fond of geography, history, math, and athletics.  He is excited to see students understand the content and being a part of that process. He has a knack for getting to know the students and enjoys being able to see their growth throughout the year.  His transition to leadership has been a great opportunity in his own professional growth and his life experiences are all getting put to great use.  You can also find him at Faith Community Church as he serves on their staff as the Youth and Young Adults Ministry Director.

Kathleen Purcell – Bookkeeper

Kathleen studied accounting at Pima Community College and has 20+ years of experience working in accounting related positions.  A strong believer in family choice, Kathleen is well versed in all of the programs offered by the state of Arizona in order to make private Christian school a reality for the average family.  Kathleen is married and has four children – her family spent more than 22 years as a part of FCA and is part of our school’s foundation.

Stephanie Lewis – Front Desk

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Special Education from the University of Arizona.  As a mother of four children, Stephanie desires to serve the families of FCA and care for our students as her own.  Prior experience in restaurant and retail businesses has taught her excellent customer service skills. She is organized, efficient, and a great addition to the office staff.


Preschool Staff

Linda Salcido – Preschool Teacher

Linda has over 20 years of experience in all different ages of children’s ministry in her church.  She worked in various positions in three different Elementary schools before coming to FCA.  She loves being a child’s first teacher, laying that foundation for their love of learning and their love for God.  She has found her niche in early education with all of her “busy bees”.

Briana Botello – PreKindergarten Teacher

Briana started studying to be a nurse but God shifted her heart to being a mom and eventually education.  She completed her education degree through Grand Canyon University and was able to do her practicum work alongside our teachers.  She helps us spread the word about our school as she makes connections in the community and with our parents.  You can also see her in The Kingdom on Sundays as she leads the Children’s Ministry here at Faith Community Church.

Amber Stephens – PreKindergarten Teacher

Amber has been a longtime worker in childcare since the age of 13.  She is a graduate of Flowing Wells High School and is a former FCA student herself.  She loves being able to help mold the lives of the children in a Godly way.  She is pursuing a degree in the midst of keeping busy with her 3 children.

Maria Morris – Preschool Aide and Extended Care

Maria graduated from a Christian high school and she has an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Erie Community College.  She continued her studies at Pensacola Christian College in Florida.  Upon relocating to Arizona, she has become a longtime volunteer in children’s ministry and outreach ministries at her church.  She loves children and looks forward to growing in this career path as she gains experience and training.  Her desire to serve and get to know the students and families.

Cortney King – Preschool Aide 

Cortney has leaned into her skills as a mom to 3 and a volunteer at her church to join our staff at Faith.  You can find her in the preschool department as well as on the Elementary lunchtime playground.

Katy Young – Preschool Aide & Extended Care

Katy is no stranger to the Faith Community Campus both volunteering in the church and working in our Preschool department at FCA.  She has completed her Bachelors in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and is currently pursuing her Masters.  She is a gifted artist and has a soft spirit that connects well with students.


Elementary Staff

LeAnn Brock – Kindergarten Teacher

LeAnn joined our staff with 16 years of experience already under her belt.  She completed both a Bachelor in Elementary Education and a Masters is Reading and Pedagogy from Eastern New Mexico University.  In addition to becoming an exemplary teacher, she ran the children’s ministry for 8 years at her church in New Mexico all while adding 3 children to her own family.  She is married to Tim Brock, who is the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church and she currently runs the Women’s Ministry.

Colleen Sexton – 1st Grade Teacher

Colleen earned her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Prescott College and a Masters in Early Childhood from NAU.  With over 15 years of teaching experience, 9 of those in first grade at another Christian school, Colleen brings with her a passion for teaching and for her local church.  Being a mother, attending Bible College, teaching Sunday School and even working as a Veterinarian Assistant in her earlier years have developed her character in ways that make her a wonderful teacher to any student.

Maja Quintero – 2nd Grade Teacher

Maja graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Southwestern College (now Arizona Christian University).  She has taught 2nd grade for over 15 years and has developed a wonderful course of study for her students.  Her desire is that all students develop in academics and in their relationship with Jesus.  She strives to teach a solid Biblical Worldview in which they apply this worldview in everything they do in life.

Annette Pursley – 3rd Grade Teacher

Annette graduated from Park University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  Her career has included working with Head Start in Early Intervention and teaching in a variety of sports and physical education programs.  She is certified in Perceptual Motor Development and has worked at FCA for over 20 years.  Annette has always loved education and when she saw how Jesus is integrated in the fabric of a Christian Education, she never turned back!

Daisy Maynard – 4th Grade Teacher

Daisy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Pensacola Christian College and is pursuing a Masters from Grand Canyon University.  She loves joining academics and the Bible to help in everyday life.  She has grown up helping and teaching in Bible Club, Sunday School, and as a Camp Counselor.

Kellie Edmunds – 5th Grade Teacher

Kellie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science/Promotion and a Masters in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University.  She has been a substitute teacher, coached various sports teams, is a personal trainer and she homeschooled her four children before bringing them to FCA.  Her favorite subjects are health, nutrition, Bible and math.  She wants to help kids and adults enjoy being active and living life to the fullest.

Kathie Thomas – 6th Grade Teacher

Kathie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and is a talented artist.  She has taught Sunday School and worked with DoD in adult education.  She has worked as an art teacher for multiple Christian Schools in Tucson.  She wants to see children be successful, that God created us all to see and appreciate beautiful things, and that he is the first and best artist.  She has also taught in the classroom in different grades and most recently came on as our full time 6th grade teacher.


Specials Teachers & Support Staff

Jayme Bigelow – Music Teacher & Latin Teacher

Jayme graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from the University of Arizona.  While in college, she taught music and PreK at FCA.  Then, she taught music for 10 years in the Amphitheater School District and is now back to teaching music and languages at FCA.  She has been active in the music ministries of her local church since her teenage years.  She has been teaching private lessons in piano, voice and guitar since her college years.  Jayme is married and a mother to three children.

Della Chelpka – Art Teacher

Della received a Bachelor of Music Education from NAU but also has a natural talent for art.  She has been a music and art teacher for many years at different schools, homeschooled, taught private lessons, and is a pastor’s wife, all on top of being a professional artist.  She is passionate about helping students learn to slow down and notice more about the world around them through art, that they might better know their creator, and how they are made in His image.

Deanna Nunez – PE Teacher

Deanna has a degree in Business Administration and Management which came in handy as she co-founded multiple businesses.  She is active in her church and busy with her family.  She enjoys volleyball and finds time to coach teams around town.   She desires to stay active and to be involved with helping kids to develop athletically, socially, and spiritually.

Marie Keplar – Spanish Teacher

Marie is fluent in Spanish and is bringing the love she has for the culture into the lives of our students.  She graduated from the U of A with a Linguistics of Spanish degree.  She immersed herself in the culture when she lived in Chile and Argentina.  You will see her field or courtside cheering on her 3 children as they find their own passions in life.

Jason Nelsestuen – Extended Care – Preschool PE – Chapel

Jason received his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Grand Canyon University.  He has been a Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Pastor of Alta Vista Bible Church and worked in car sales for 12 years.  As a father to four boys, he believes in the influence of Christian education in children’s upbringing. He is wonderful at building relationships with the kids on campus and integrates the Bible in everything he teaches.  You may also see him around other schools in his role with ACSTO.

Cassandra Karras – Kindergarten/1st Grade Aide and Lunch Room

Cassandra first got to know our community by being a parent of a Preschooler.  Her skills in the classroom became apparent and we are glad to add those to our staff.  She graduated from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA with a Liberal Arts degree focused in Elementary Education.  She has experience working in public schools, inclusive classrooms and with various ages. She truly does have a passion for working with kids and seeing them grow and learn new concepts.

Charlotte Green-Lunchroom and Extended Care

Charlotte moved to Tucson in 2014 and rededicated her life to the Lord.  After volunteering at FCA for several years, she accepted a position in the lunchroom and extended care.  She’s an active member of FCC and volunteers for VBS each year.  Children and families are dear to her heart.  She loves being ‘grandma’ to all the kids.