“My children’s previous experiences were with Charter schools. FCA’s center focus is God in every class, there is a weave of God’s word through scripture in each of my son’s textbooks. This is probably normal for Christian schools but was a completely new experience for me. As our country is changing and removing America’s history and God from the teachers and textbooks, it is more important to me now than ever that my children be taught the truth.”

“The other school was Christian, but did not use Christian curriculum so the Christian piece of the education relied heavily on the teacher’s grasp of the Bible, doctrine, application to science, history, etc. I like that FCA has spiritually mature teachers, but also has a curriculum that serves as a filter for personal opinions, or lack of knowledge of Christian application. My child was coming home with a public school perspective on science and history, and we were paying for a Christian education. The academics were not rich, or challenging. There was a big emphasis on having fun at school, not on working hard while at school so they could have fun at home.”

“Our experience with public school has only been recently with our older sons. Otherwise, our kids were at a home school co-op and a Christian school. However, at the public school, it just seems that the kids are so lost. Anything goes. Truth is nothing more than a grayed line. There is always a tension for the Christian in what can they say and how far can they go with the Gospel. I love going to FCA and talking with the teachers for hours about God and how God is moving in their life and how they are using their experiences and the Word to guide and minister to my daughters! At our home school group, there seemed to be a lack of commitment from some of the parents and also there was a lot of disorganization. My kids really need structure. When I came to FCA and the teachers were so structured, I actually thought my girls would struggle with that since that’s not the environment that they had been in. Not so. In fact, they both thrived in it and it has helped them to learn how to have structure with their homework and also at home just with general activities and chores. It has been a total blessing.”

“We came from a Christian school with an excellent reputation for academics. Upon arriving at Faith, I was surprised to find that there were some gaps in my son’s abilities since all of his marks had been high at his previous school. I was even more surprised to see the expectations for writing that were applied, and I am so pleased to see the tremendous growth that has taken place given the lack of instruction in this area at his previous school.”

“First and foremost we wanted a Christian education. We came from another Christian school, but what Faith does differently is how well the Bible instruction is integrated in the curriculum. I love the use of Veritas Press for the Bible instruction.”

“I really wanted an environment where the Word of God was the most important thing for forming my child’s character. I will say that FCA regards the Word of God highly and puts it first. I also wanted my child in an environment of love. Even if my child needs to be corrected, there is always encouragement and love that follows. I really appreciate them and their love for my kids.”

“We were looking for a solid Christian foundation which I knew upheld the standards that our family and church provides. FCA has more than exceeded our expectations because of how smoothly the school is run. I know there are always things and issues that come up, but what makes FCA stand out is how personal and confident the staff is.”

“I love the teachers at FCA. They answer the phone by their first name. Immediately, I felt that they were just family. I love this school and am so happy my girls are there! Also, Kathleen in the office is so awesome for always helping every family find the funds to make it happen for their child to go there. It is a group effort to get everyone the funds they need to continue on the journey. I love that. They always say if you have a heart to have your child go to a Christian school, God will assist you along the way and provide for you. So true! ”