Office Staff


Mrs. Lewis    


Birthday: October 30               My Favorite Color: purple, black, gray


A few of my favorite things: Cold Stone, Dutch Bros, Dunkin Donuts, Panda Express, Firehouse Subs, Filiberto’s, Seis, Charred Pie, Guadalajara Grill, Smoothie King, jerky, jalapeño chips, chips and salsa, chocolate covered nuts/raisins, chocolate chip cookies, peach tea, iced and hot coffee, flavored seltzer water, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Top Golf, Gaslight Theatre, movies, U of A Softball.


Things I don’t really like: raw onions and mushrooms



Mrs. Purcell


Birthday: February 18             My Favorite Color: gray, black, blue


A few of my favorite things: U of A and GCU, cheese and nuts, trail mix, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Red Vines, lemon bars, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, Diet Pepsi, Starbucks, Smoothie King, Chick-fil-A, El Molinito, MOD, Chipotle, Home Goods, Home Depot, Top Golf, movies


Things I don’t really like: walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts



Ms. Robson


Birthday: December 11           My Favorite Color: yellow and fun patterns


A few of my favorite things: chips and dip, trail mix, anything Reese’s, chocolate-covered things,  homemade cookies, Nothing Bundt Cake, Tres leches, Crumbl Cookies, seltzer water, Zip-fizz, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, cold brew, latte, Chick-fil-A, In and Out, Pollo Loco, Chilis, Applebee’s, Seis, Guadalajara Grill, books, sewing, games, escape rooms, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, TJ Maxx


Things I don’t really like: Watermelon, mushrooms



Mr. Lewis


Birthday: Oct 12                        My Favorite Color: blue, orange


A few of my favorite things: U of A, Broncos, Royals, Suns, jerky, cashews, cheese, peanut butter M & Ms, fruit smoothies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, orange soda, cream soda, Dunkin Donuts, Dutch Bros, Arby’s, Wing Stop, Chilis, Texas Roadhouse, Barros, batting cages, Gaslight, golf, fantasy football, Amazon, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fanatics, TopGolf, movies


Things I don’t really like: onions, veggies, watermelon, coffee.



Pre-School Staff

Mrs. Salcido

Birthday: December 21              My Favorite Color: Blues, greens, burnt red


A few of my favorite things:   Nuts, trail mix, chips and salsa, All candy (Nerds ropes, Heath bars, soft Sweet tarts, Almond Joy, Reese’s PB Cups), fruits and veggies, strawberry rhubarb pie, cake, donuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee, Ice, lemon Eegee’s, Starbucks, Dunkin, Dutch Bros, Ole’, Longhorn, First Watch, Olive Garden, MOD Pizza, Sonic, Five Guys, Chick-fil-A, movies, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, most flowers


Things I don’t really like:  Apple Pie




Mrs. Botello  


Birthday: May 5                       My Favorite Color: Green/Yellow


A few of my favorite things:  Dallas Cowboys, LA Dodgers, fruits and veggies, beef jerky, spicy nuts, chips (hot Cheetos), sour candy, chocolate with nuts, cheesecake, sticky buns, fresh bakery items, white chocolate cookies, snickerdoodles, ginger ale, Kombucha (ginger), sushi, Sushi Garden, all coffee places, Mr. An’s, MOD, In and Out, Chipotle, succulents, Ross, Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon


Things I don’t really like: cake


Mrs. Stephens

Birthday: October 23                  My Favorite Color: Pink, camo, green


A few of my favorite things: Philadelphia Eagles, chips, jerky, Cheez its, sour worms, Kit Kats, strawberries, mini M&Ms, brownies, cheesecake, sugar cookies, coffee / all coffee places, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Nicos, Eegees, In-n-Out, Texas Roadhouse, sushi, movies, bowling, mini golf, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx 


Things I don’t really like: mugs, nuts


Ms. Morris

Birthday: May 15                       My Favorite Color: royal blue & black


A few of my favorite things: U.S. Soccer, UNC Tar Heels, chips and salsa, dark chocolate M & M’s, fruits and veggies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, smoothies, Diet Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Dutch Bros, Burger King, Smoothie King, El Molinito, hiking, Walmart


Things I don’t really like: Pumpkin, carrots, peanuts




 Mrs. King

Birthday: July 6                      My Favorite Color: purple


A few of my favorite things: U of A, chocolate covered pretzels, sour worms, Skittles, M & Ms, Snickers, Twix, veggies, strawberries, bananas, brownies, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, coffee, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, In-n-Out, Texas Roadhouse, Chilis, bowling, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Target


Things I don’t really like: cheese, candles, nuts


Elementary Staff


Mrs. Brock


Birthday: June 7                    My Favorite Color: Pink


A few of my favorite things: All Arizona sports and San Francisco Giants, chips, all candy, fruits and veggies, desserts of various kinds, cookies, Starbucks, Dunkin, Dutch Bros, Nekter, MOD, any restaurant, Target, thrift stores, flowers


Things I don’t really like: N/A


Mrs. Sexton


Birthday: August 20                   My Favorite Color: Blue / Green


A few of my favorite things:        trail mix, dark chocolate, fruits and veggies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Diet Coke, green tea, Dutch Bros, MOD Pizza, El Charro, TopGolf, Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, white daisies


Things I don’t really like: Not great with plants



Mrs. Quintero


Birthday: May 15                       My Favorite Color: Turquoise


A few of my favorite things:  pecans, walnuts, almonds, Lara bars, Kind bars, organic dark chocolate, organic apples, organic vegetables, grapefruit, Frost gelato, Screamery, La Crema, Spindrift, Coconut water, Whole Foods, Amazon, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, walking / hiking, healthy food


Things I don’t really like: cheesecake, trinkets, mugs, cups, candles


Mrs. Pursley    


Birthday: July 7                         My Favorite Color: greens and blues



A few of my favorite things:  chips, nuts and caramel (See’s Candy), fruits and veggies, carrot cake, lemon desserts, pies, cookies, sparkling water, local or Christian coffee places, in-n-Out, Grumpy’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, movies, Dillards, Lowe’s, Home Goods, flowers, essential oils


Things I don’t really like: N/A


Miss Maynard


Birthday: July 10                        My Favorite Color: teal


A few of my favorite things:  Arizona Diamondbacks, salt and vinegar chips, bbq chips, cashews, Sour Patch Kids, chocolate, Twix, ice cream, fruits and veggies, any dessert but raisin cookies, Diet Mt. Dew, Diet Sprite, cream soda, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, In-n-Out, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Oreganos, Seis, Chilis, Home Goods, Target, Walmart, Frys, daisies, cacti, Star Wars, Ford


Things I don’t really like: dried fruit, pineapple


Mrs. Edmunds


Birthday: June 3                        My Favorite Color: purple & green


A few of my favorite things: Broncos, Cubs, white cheddar popcorn, pop chips corners, RJ’s Black Licorice, chocolate covered gummy bears, fruits and veggies, pumpkin and apple pie, ice cream, carrot cake, Quest frosted cookies, Zevia, Stash Spiced Chai Tea, pink drinks, Starbucks, Dutch Bros., Chick fil A, Culvers, Chipotle, Freddie’s, Smoothie King, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Cracker Barrel, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Costco, Barnes and Noble, Dicks Sporting Goods


Things I don’t really like: limited sugar


Mrs. Thomas


Birthday: July 25         My Favorite Color: Navy/Turquoise


A few of my favorite things: cashews, almonds, popcorn, dark chocolate, Snickers with almonds, all fruits, chocolate cake, Haagen-Daz or Dove ice cream bars, chocolate chip cookies, Zevia Cola, Vanilla Coke, Dutch Bros, Subway, Taco Bell, Jersey Mikes, Culvers, First Watch, Serial Grillers, TJ Maxx, movies, Board and Brush, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Kohls, TJ Maxx, JC Penney’s, Snoopy


Things I don’t really like: coffee, plants








Support Staff


Mrs. Bigelow


Birthday: April 3                      My Favorite Color: Purple


A few of my favorite things: cashews, apples, strawberries, blueberries, cheesecake, Zip Fizz (orange or fruit punch), Starbucks, Smoothie King, Chipotle, Subway, Sushi Cortaro, Saffron, Boston’s, movies, TopGolf, Kohl’s, Amazon, Maurice’s


Things I don’t really like: candy, candles, sugar/sucralose, dairy

Ms. Green     


Birthday: June 16        My Favorite Color: Purple


A few of my favorite things:  chips, crackers, popcorn, non-chewy candies, fruits and veggies, desserts without nuts or coconut, sweet tea, Diet Dr. Pepper, any restaurant, Fry’s, Walmart, Target


Things I don’t really like: flowers, cats, coconut, mushrooms, nuts 

Mr. Nelsestuen         


Birthday: January 23              My Favorite Color: Blue/Purple


A few of my favorite things:  Arizona Wildcats, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Braves, nuts, pretzels, popcorn, chips, 100 Grand candy bars, M&Ms, strawberries, watermelon, blackberries, ice cream, brownies, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, flavored sparkling water, Raising Cane’s, Chick fil A, BJ’s. Tuk Tuk Tai, China Szechwan, bowling, TopGolf, Kohl’s, Walmart, Amazon


Things I don’t really like: nuts in cookies or brownies, coconut, apple pie


Mrs. Nunez   


Birthday: July 7           My Favorite Color: Purple, Black


A few of my favorite things:  U of A volleyball, almonds, dark chocolate, fruits and veggies, coconut cream pie, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, Zevia and seltzer water, Starbucks, El Pollo Loco, Chipotle, First Watch, Wildflower


Things I don’t really like: bananas, watermelon


Mrs. Chelpka


Birthday: July 10         My Favorite Color: Yellow


A few of my favorite things: Phoenix Suns, Reese’s, berries, carrots, cinnamon rolls, donuts, peanut butter cookies, white chocolate mocha, lemonade, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Panda, Tamarind, Zemam’s, mini golf, TopGolf, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Amazon


Things I don’t really like: black licorice


Ms. Patton      


Birthday: March 22      My Favorite Color: Navy Blue and Sage Green


A few of my favorite things:  I am on a strict gluten free diet due to Celiac, and additional allergies make it difficult for food treats, so a gift card is easier and appreciated! Favorites: Amazon, Target, Chipotle, Kohls, Fruit Shack, Starbucks (Vanilla Frap with caramel).


Things I don’t really like: anything perfumed, scented




 Mrs. Mothershed

Birthday: July 11                        My Favorite Color: black or earthy colors


A few of my favorite things: trail mix, energy bars, chocolate, nuts, cheesecake, cookies, flavored teas, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Amazon, Joann Fabrics, Chick-fil-A


Things I don’t really like: coffee, fragrances (candles, body products)